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Will Invisalign Work for Me?

Braces are a popular dental option with adults and children alike. However, the look of traditional braces can be an issue for some. For these individuals, Invisalign offers worry-free teeth straightening that is virtually undetectable to everyone except you!

In this article, we’ll go over some of the signs that you are an Invisalign candidate, and guide you on how to take the next steps to your perfect smile! 

  1. Your case is not overly-complicated 

Invisalign is a system that can work for many cases of crooked teeth, including those who have underbites or overbites. It will not always be the best choice though because there are some more complex cases when dental surgery may be needed instead.

  1. You can handle the responsibility 

Invisalign is a system that relies on you wearing them for it to work. If you take the trays out, they won’t be effective. In some cases people might even lose them if they frequently take their aligners out. Not wearing the aligners consistently can greatly stall your results. 

  1. Your adult teeth are all in

In order to have Invisalign, you must have all of your adult teeth. If there are still baby teeth remaining in some adults’ mouths they may need orthodontic work done before starting the process. Making sure all of your baby teeth are out prevents you from having more orthodontic work in the future and can save quite a bit of money

  1. You take care of your oral hygiene

Having good oral hygiene is a must for those who wear Invisalign trays. Not only does your mouth need to be healthy, but you also have the responsibility of taking care of your trays so that they do not cause infection or other issues.

A dentist will want to provide remedies if there are any diseases in the mouth before recommending an orthodontist and strongly recommend maintenance needs – such as tooth brushing at regular intervals and flossing regularly. 

  1. No Smoking! 

As your Invisalign trays will be in most of the day, you can’t smoke or use tobacco. This is because it interferes with them and makes them dirty if not removed upon smoking.If you are removing them frequently then it will delay results. Smoking also doesn’t just harm teeth, but whole bodies too; quitting might help better maintain healthy habits so that dental health remains sound while getting a beautiful smile.

  1. You’re not a child

Invisalign is a great option for adults, but it can be more complicated than traditional braces when dealing with young teens and children. The trays are removable which means that the wearer has an extra responsibility to monitor them; there’s no upper age limit though so you could get your teeth straightened at any point in life! This goes along with the responsibility point and there really aren’t any real “age limits”.

Is invisalign right for you?

You are an Invisalign candidate if you meet the six points listed above. Your dentist or orthodontist may have more to discuss with you about your individual case, so be prepared when you make your appointment for yourself, or for a teenager in need of braces. In depth details will be discussed with your medical professional; but if you met most of the criteria above you should definitely schedule an appointment!


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