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We want to make sure that you’re happy with your results and will do our best to leave you with a smile. Sometimes, when you reach the end of your initial treatment you may want a further adjustment.  In order to receive a new treatment plan for additional braces or clear aligners without additional charge, your orthodontist must feel that a new treatment plan is clinically advisable. Additionally, for clear aligner therapy, it’s necessary that you followed your orthodontist’s prescriptions for aligner wear for 22 hours per day. You must complete your remote dental monitoring scans at the frequency in which your orthodontist requests, and not move ahead to your next set of aligners without their approval. It’s necessary that you’ve maintained proper oral hygiene, and kept up with routine visits to your general dentist or as prescribed by your orthodontist. You also need to (i) make your request within 30 days of completing your initial treatment and (ii) if your orthodontist requests additional materials (such as a new scan) or prescribes a cleaning or a visit to a general dentist, those steps must be completed within 60 days of your request for the additional treatment.

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Updated 01 April 2021