Are you ready for the Perfect Smile?


Your Retainers Are The Key To Locking In your Beautiful Smile.

Braces create a beautiful smile, but the retainer maintains it. It holds teeth in their new positions after completing “active” orthodontic treatment. This allows newly formed bone to harden around the teeth so that they don’t shift back while you’re still wearing them! Once your braces come off and all of our work is done, keep up with your regular oral care routine – brushing twice daily for two minutes each time- as this will help maintain those straightened pearly whites. We recommend that you wear your retainer full-time for the first six months after active treatment is over and night time only thereafter.

What Types Of Retainers Are There?

The appropriate type for you will depend upon the specifics of your treatment and your age. When Dr. Pesh discusses all the options at the end of a successful procedure, you can choose from several different types below.

Metal Retainers

Metal removable retainers are the most common type, which consists of wires and clasps. The clasps grasp your teeth while anchoring the retainer to them. There is a retaining “bow” wire that arches across from one side of your mouth to another in order to hold things together as well as maintain their alignment properly.

Clear Retainers

These retainers are clear plastic vacuum-formed appliances made by taking a cast of your teeth. Although they aren’t as noticeable, these don’t have the life span that metal ones do.

Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers are also referred to as “bonded” or “permanent.” These types of appliances go directly on the backsides of your front teeth. They do not touch or hold back teeth, which is a huge benefit because you can’t lose them and don’t have to worry about forgetting to wear them!

It’s Up To You!

The fact is that you are the person in charge of keeping your teeth straight. How do you do this? By wearing your retainers! It will preserve the results you and your orthodontist achieved through treatment. It will be easier if you make it a part of your normal routine from the very beginning!

Pick The Right Option For You