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Invisalign® Teen

What Age Is Appropriate For Invisalign?

To give your teen the best oral health, you don’t have to necessarily wait until all of their permanent teeth have grown in. The majority of kids are usually ready to start orthodontic treatment around 12-13 years old. Many times baby teeth can still be present due to commonly missing permanent teeth.

Is Invisalign More Expensive Than Other Types Of Treatments?

Many parents choose metal braces because they believe that Invisalign will always be more expensive. While Invisalign might have initially been more expensive than other treatments, today most of them cost about the same amount. If your insurance covers Invisalign, which almost all plans do these days, you’ll want to contact Dr. Pesh’s office for specific information on costs in your case.

What If My Teen Loses An Aligner?

Oh no! Your teen might have lost his aligners. If he takes them off to eat lunch, puts them on a napkin and throws it away or leaves them at friend’s house- we’ve got you covered! You can contact us for a replacement. Depending on how close your teen was to swapping out those aligners for the next set, we might just move on to the next set and not even worry about a replacement.

How Many Hours A Day Does My Teen Need To Wear His Aligners?

In order to be as effective as possible, your teen needs to wear his aligners for a minimum of twenty-two hours every day. That gives him plenty of time in which he can take them out when eating and cleaning his teeth – but at all other times it’s best if they’re wearing the aligners. Sometimes, your teen might have extracurricular activities that require removing the aligners (like band or sports) but Invisalign is designed so discreetly that you won’t even know they are there!

Can My Teen Play Sports While Wearing Invisalign?

Your child can play sports while wearing their aligners. In some cases Invisalign is safer- whether they play soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, etc., the aggressive nature of these games can cause injuries which could be worsened just by having metal brackets on teeth. If they want to remove the aligners and wear a mouthguard, they can. Regardless, there are no metal brackets to increase their risk of an injury.

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