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Carriere® Motion Appliance Care and Instructions


  1. Refrain from eating anything hard/sticky/chewie
  2. Always wear your clear retainer with your elastics (like a sock and shoe set)
  3. Do NOT wear elastics without your retainer! Elastics will pull your molars
    upward instead of correcting your bite.
  4. If your retainer breaks, call us ASAP to get a new one made and discontinue
    wearing your elastics until we replace your retainer.
    • The fees for a lost/broken retainer are:
    • 1st replacement: complimentary
    • 2nd replacement or more: $190.00 each
  5. If the Carriere comes loose, please keep ALL pieces and call our office ASAP.
    Make sure to bring everything with you to your appointment.
    • If the Carriere is lost, there is a replacement fee of $150.00 per piece. Do not
    wait to call us, as this could delay your treatment.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office!


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