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Advanced Metal Braces – Carriere® SLX 3D Self-Ligating Bracket System

Metal braces can be more comfortable than traditional braces were ever before. Passive, self-tightening Damon-like braces move teeth with constant, gentle force to gradually change the bite of your mouth so they line up for better health and function.

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Ceramic Option – Carriere® SLX 3D Clear

The Carriere SLX 3D Clear ceramic braces are designed to blend with one’s natural tooth color. Hence, they offer the look you want, whilst also offering functionality that your orthodontist prefers. The aesthetics of these brackets is something worth smiling about; a comfortable design and an attractive translucent appearance make them more desirable than ever before!

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InBrace® – Behind The Teeth Braces

InBrace® orthodontic brackets are placed on the back side of your teeth. This offers a great aesthetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened, without having to worry about showing any appliance. Each patient is provided with specially made Smartwires that follow the contours of each individual’s mouth in order to provide comfort as well as performance.

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